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Nederlands Instituut Athene

Het Nederlands Instituut Athene is een van de zeventien buitenlandse 'archeologische scholen' in Athene. Onder auspiciën van het instituut doen onderzoekers en studenten uit Nederland archeologisch onderzoek in Griekenland.

Het NIA is een interuniversitair wetenschappelijk instituut. Het organiseert, verzorgt en faciliteert onderwijs en onderzoeksprojecten in samenwerking met universiteiten en onderzoekscentra in Nederland en Griekenland. Verder beschikt het over een uitgebreid hoogstaand wetenschappelijk netwerk in beide landen.

Het NIA is een van de Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Instituten in het Buitenland (NWIB).


Zomersluiting NIA


Kales Diakopes 3

Het NIA zal gesloten zijn van 3 tot en met 27 augustus. 
Wij wensen U allen een heel goede zomervakantie! 

Overlijdensbericht Evelien Gans


 Gans op NIA 4     


Met grote verslagenheid heeft het NIA kennis genomen van het overlijden van Evelien Gans (67) op 19 juli 2018. Evelien Gans was bijzonder hoogleraar Moderne Joodse geschiedenis aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en onderzoekster bij het NIOD.

Zij was een van de grootste historici van ons land op het gebied van de joodse geschiedschrijving en auteur van de alom bejubelde dubbelbiografie van vader en zoon Jaap en Ischa Meijer (Prometheus, 2007)

Eerder publiceerde zij Gojse nijd & joods narcisme. Over de verhouding tussen joden en niet-joden in Nederland (1994). Zij ontving de Henriette Roland Holst-prijs voor haar proefschrift over de veranderende identiteit van joodse sociaaldemocraten en socialistisch-zionisten De kleine verschillen die het leven uitmaken (1999).

In 2016 was zij co-redacteur van The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'. Histories of Antisemitism in Postwar Dutch Society (Amsterdam University Press). (Bron)

In december van datzelfde jaar (2016) was zij een van de deelnemers aan de zeer geslaagde NIA-workshop waar Griekse en Nederlandse academici onder de titel "Jewish Life after the Return, Dutch and Greek Experiences after the Shoah" met elkaar van gedachten wisselden over de wederopbouw van de Joodse gemeenschappen in beide landen na de Holocaust.
Bij die gelegenheid presenteerde zij een enerverende paper over een onderwerp dat altijd haar bijzondere belangstelling had "The cowardly Jew they forgot to gas. The phenomenon of Dutch post-liberation antisemitism".

Het NIA wenst familie, vrienden en collega's alle sterkte bij dit verlies. 

(Het in memoriam dat NIOD-directeur Frank van Vree schreef, is hier te lezen)

Verslag Data Modelling Workshop " Nodegoat "


 Data Modelling Workshop nodegoat NIA     

Data Modelling Workshop "nodegoat" in Athens
A short report 

It was with great pleasure that the Netherland Institute at Athens (NIA) hosted on Friday June 15 the Data Modelling Workshop "nodegoat" by LAB1100. The organization of the Workshop was an initiative of Elias Stouraitis (Ionian University). Nodegoat is a web-based data management, network analysis & visualization environment that can be used to create and manage any number of datasets by use of a graphic user interface. "Nodegoat" allows us to enrich data with relational, geographical and temporal attributes. Therefore, the modes of analysis are inherently diachronic and ready-to-use for interactive maps and extensive trailblazing.

Twenty participants from different fields (historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, practitioners from cultural centers and digital oriented companies, journalists and students) came together to this hands-on workshop and dealt with the following three distinct levels of any data modelling process:

1. Creating a conceptual data model (the types of information that can be identified in the research process and how they relate to one another)
2. Creating a logical data model (how to store different kinds of information and how to deal with vague / ambiguous / uncertain / contradictory / unique / irregular data)
3. Using a database application (how can the conceptualised data be implemented best)


Lees meer...


Taalcursus Nieuwgrieks II en III op het NIA

Fieldwork and staying in Greece is more fun when you are able to communicate with the locals. Together with the Nederlands Instituut in Athene and the UvA's modern Greek department, Taalhuis Amsterdam has developed intensive Greek courses in Athens . The courses are geared to students and PhD's. In this 10 day course there are 4,5 hours of lessons each day and you're expected to dedicate another 2 hours to homework. Next to language lessons we explore the city and organise various extra activities to bring your Greek into practice, such as cooking, shopping, concerts, theatre.

The next course Modern Greek in Athens will take place from 10-18 November 2018 and will be conducted on two levels: II (leads to level A2) and III (starts at A2 and leads to level B1). If you have any doubts about your level or if you are a beginner please contact us to discuss the options.

With some self-study BA and MA students can gain access to the language acquisition exams I & III of Modern Greek at the University of Amsterdam.

Deadline for registration: 1 October 2018!
More information:Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 

Level II: More information - Registration Form  

Level III: More information - Registration Form   

The Netherlands Institute at Athens has the pleasure to host the first seminar in Athens. 

The title of the seminar, which will take place on May 12th, is "Infrastructural Gap, State and the Commons".
The seminar is organised in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam and will focus on the relationship between infrastructure and crisis to discuss everyday innovations associated to socio-technological forms of participation arising within the infrastructural gap (IG). 

With the participation of:
- AbdoulMaliq Simone (Research Professor of Sociology - Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity)
- Lila Leontidou (Professor of Geography - University of the Peloponnese)
- Dimitris Dalakoglou (Professor of Social Antrhopology - VU University Amsterdam (infra-demos))

- Yannis Kallianos (Post-Doc fellow in Anthropology - VU University Amsterdam (infra-demos)).

Please reserve a seat at the Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. in order to be able to attend,

More information can be found here and on the infrademos-website .

Summer School 2018 " Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes "


For the fourth consecutive year, the intensive and highly successful summer school Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes is taking place between 1-20 July at the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA) in collaboration with the Ethnographic Film Festival of Athens (Ethnofest) and VU University Amsterdam (VU). Teaching staff will be joining the school from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), University of Leiden, Panteion University, University of Aegean and the Heritage Management Organization.

It is apparent that today the visual, in all its manifestations, possesses a special place in the "world" of anthropology and social sciences. Besides the internal changes in the academia and the technological developments that have reshaped the relationship of anthropology/ethnography with the use of audio-visual means, the field of visual anthropology has by now expanded both in terms of scope and institutional role. These recent changes have not been thoroughly explored in the cityscapes of Greece. Although the social, political and economic transformations of the last years are being examined by social and political scientists, there is a need to add to our toolbox visual ethnography and visual anthropology in a more systematic way. In our summer school we are having a focus on the theoretical position of the visual within social/political theory and on the practical use of audio-visual means in the ethnographic process. In examining the use of visual methods, the courses will focus on both historical and contemporary examples of ethnographic film and photography.

Only outstanding students from all over the globe at last year BA, Master and first year PhD students can participate in the school. Students can apply by sending the application form to Dr. Tryfon Bampilis Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. until the 15th of May 2018 and successful applicants will be notified by the 21st of May. The number of participating students is limited (max. 30 students), so we encourage early registration. Selecting criteria will apply.

Click for more information and the application form



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